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Web Site Is Redesigned

Welcome to our redesigned site! You'll still find the wealth of reliable, science-based, up-to-date information that you've come to expect from UC IPM, but now you'll have better navigation and easier-to-read screens.

We revised the site to improve our accessibility for disabled users and new presentation technologies. At the same time, we

  • updated the look to be more compatible with the family of UC Agriculture and Natural Resources sites.
  • made it easier to find practices that UC recommends for managing pests of landscapes and gardens; homes, people, and pets; and agricultural crops
  • created a crop-centered organization for agricultural information
  • added an easy-to-reach navigation bar
  • added menu bars on content pages to help you find your way to closely related information
  • added a printer-friendly version of content pages
  • changed to a font that's easy to read on the screen

Few page URLs (addresses) have changed, so your old bookmarks will still work. The overall organization is very similar to the old site, but you'll find a few changes, among them:

  • better division between information that is ready-to-use to manage pests, and information still in a research phase
  • menus for pests of landscapes and gardens is separate from pests of homes, people, pets, so it's easier to find information on your particular pest problem
  • new pages about our programs. These are in progress and more detail will be added about our activities

We're still in the process of updating some programs and pages to the new look, but everything should work. If you encounter problems, please let us know. Feedback

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