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Educational Materials: Detailed Descriptions

Second Edition
Residential, Industrial, and Institutional Pest Control
Pesticide Application Compendium, Vol.2

Published 2006 · Publication 3334 · 242 pages

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List of contents

Photo of the book,  Residential, Industrial, and Institutional Pest Control.

This completely revised edition is a well-illustrated, easy-to-read publication focusing on the special problems associated with managing pests in and around homes and commercial buildings.

The recommended study guide for anyone preparing for the California Department of Pesticide Regulation's pesticide applicator examination in the residential, industrial, and institutional category, this book can serve as a text for classroom instruction. In addition, it provides essential information for persons studying for a structural pest control operator license, or currently involved in structural pest control. Readers will find review questions and answers to help them study for the exam.

It is especially helpful to building managers and homeowners who are concerned about the proper ways to prevent pest invasion and costly damage.

New and Updated Information

This new edition has been completely updated and now includes review questions and answers to help you as you study for the exam. A new detailed index enhances user-navigation and tables and sidebars are now listed in the table of contents. This is a helpful reference for anyone solving institutional or household pest problems—from pest control operators to building managers or homeowners.

New information is included for those carrying out school IPM programs, including how to select appropriate pesticides for school buildings focusing on herbicides, and safe and effective cockroach and ant baits.


University of California researchers and pest control professionals from throughout California contributed the latest in innovative pest management techniques, reviewed the text, and advised on the development of this book's many unique photographs, drawings, and tables. Chapters in this manual cover:

  • pest management methods
  • using pesticides safely
  • weed control
  • pests on or near food
  • parasitic, biting, and stinging arthropods
  • fabric pests
  • stored-product pests
  • wood-destroying pests
  • vertebrate pests

Pesticide Application Compendium

Residential, Industrial, and Institutional Pest Control is Volume 2 of the Pesticide Application Compendium. This series was originally written for professionals trying to meet California's tough applicator licensing requirements. It provides very useful information on all types of protective equipment and application procedures, with illustrations.

How to order

This publication is available from the UC ANR Communication Services catalog. It is also available by mail, by telephone, or through the ANR sales offices and many UC County Cooperative Extension offices. For locations and more information, see "How to Order Publications."

List of Contents

  • How to Use This Book · Using the Review Questions · Regulatory Agencies · Important Note
Chapter 1: Pest Management
  • Locating and Monitoring Pests · Establishing Thresholds for Action · Pest Control Methods · Sanitation and Habitat Modification · Trapping · Pesticides · Regulatory Actions  · Review Questions
Chapter 2: Using Pesticides Safely Using Pesticides Safely
  • Pesticide Types · How Pesticides Can Injure People ·  Poisoning Symptoms · Protecting People · Applicator Safety  · Protecting Pets and Domestic Animals ·  Pesticide Drift and Runoff · Characteristics of Treated Surfaces · Transporting Pesticides · Review Questions
Chapter 3: Weed Control
  •  · How Weeds are Pests · Controlling Weeds · Identifying Weeds · Weed Control Methods · Choosing the Correct Herbicides · Applying Herbicides  · Herbicide Tolerance · Review Questions
Chapter 4: Pests On or Near Food
  • Cockroaches · Ants · Flies · Review Questions
Chapter 5: Parasitic, Biting, and Stinging Arthropods
  • Mosquitoes · Hemipterans · Fleas · Bees and Wasps · Social Wasps · Solitary Wasps  · Spiders · Review Questions
Chapter 6: Fabric Pests
  • Carpet Beetles · Clothes Moths · Silverfish and Firebrats · Crickets · Review Questions
Chapter 7: Stored-Product Pests
  • Birds · Rodents · Fungi and Other Microorganisms · Insects · Beetles · Moths  · Booklice · Management Guidelines for Stored-Product Insects · Mites · Review Questions
Chapter 8: Wood-Destroying Pests
  • Termites · Wood-Destroying Fungi · Miscellaneous Wood-Destroying Pests · Wood-Boring Beetles · Marine Borers · Carpenter Ants ·  Carpenter Bees  · Review Questions
Chapter 9: Vertebrate Pests
  • Rats · Mice · Bats · Birds · Review Questions
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