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Grants Programs: UC IPM Competitive Research

Format for Research Project Final Reports
Deadline: January 16, 2009

Final reports must be submitted to the Director, Statewide IPM Program, University of California, Davis, CA 95616-8621 by January 16 of the year following termination of the project. Late reports or failure to submit a final report will jeopardize future UC IPM funding.

What to submit: Send one (1) paper copy and one (1) electronic version of the report.  Send the electronic version via e-mail to ipmgrants@ucdavis.edu.

Limit final reports to five pages, double-spaced (exclusive of listed publications and presentations), in a 12-point font. Reports must follow the format listed below.

PROJECT NUMBER (assigned by UC IPM, from your funding letter)

For our database, briefly characterize this project by specifying the following:

Crop(s) or sites(s) Target pest(s) (include common and scientific names)
Control method(s) (if any) Discipline(s)
Beneficial organism (if any) Additional important keywords


  1. List objectives as stated in the originally funded proposal. Do not simply refer to the original proposal.
  2. Note revisions to original objectives.


Summarize the accomplishments of your project in lay terms. Where possible, relate accomplishments to practical applications for growers or pest managers in the field. Do not restate the objectives of your project or present a lengthy justification. The objectives (above) and summary will appear in the UC IPM research grants database on the Web, so express yourself in lay terms and avoid technical jargon. Limit the summary to one double-spaced page.


In a few sentences, detail the benefits of this research program to end users (e.g., growers, land managers, residential users). This is different from the lay summary. The summary covers the results from the past year; the Research Success Statements should quantify what the research means to the end users, e.g., "this research provides (end users) with the essential tools to manageĀ……."


Summarize accomplishments over the life of the project as an abstract. Stress results, unusual new findings, and potential or realized use of the results in the field.


List your total budget (not detailed budget) for each year of the project using the format listed below. Please include all years in which UC IPM funding was received.

Project Year First Year Second Year Third Year
Fiscal year (7/1 - 6/30)

(___ - ___)

(___ - ___)

(___ - ___)

Total Budget





In one to two paragraphs, summarize what steps have been taken to transfer the technology developed by the project to the field. What technology or concepts were developed by the project and how specifically will they be implemented?


What additional research is needed to fill data gaps and implement final technologies or concepts developed by this project? If the research were to be taken a step further, what suggestions or concerns (pitfalls?) can you pass on to other investigators?

PUBLICATIONS AND PRESENTATIONS (not included in 5-page limit)

In vitae form, please list published, in press, submitted, and in preparation technical (journal) or popular articles resulting from this project. Also list presentations given that relate to the project.

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