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Anaphes spp.

Scientific name: Anaphes iole, Anaphes nitens, and other Anaphes spp.

Life stages of Anaphes spp. Adult parasite Parasitized eggs Adult on host eggs

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Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Hymenoptera
Family: Mymaridae

Common hosts: In California, hosts include lygus bug and eucalyptus snout beetle.

Commercially available: Anaphes iole for lygus bug control.


Anaphes species are internal parasites of insect eggs, including eggs of beetles and true bugs. In California, the introduced Anaphes nitens provides complete biological control of eucalyptus snout beetle. Anaphes iole is available commercially to control lygus bug in strawberries.

Anaphes spp. are small wasps, less than 1/25 inch (1 mm) long. Adults are distinguished by their stalked, narrow, and elongate hind wings. Both pairs of wings are often fringed with fine hairs. Complete metamorphosis takes place within the host egg. The female wasp deposits her egg into the host egg. A parasite larva hatches and eats the host egg from inside. The adult wasp emerges from the host egg and the adult female searches for suitable host eggs in which to deposit her eggs.

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