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Statewide IPM Program, University of California

Stickleaf  (Mentzelia dispersa)

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Life stages of Stickleaf mature plant seedling flower rosette at plant base older seedling

Stickleaf, a broadleaf annual, is found in sandy or rocky soils. It is an early spring weed in California's south-central coast. Because of its sticky leaves, it is easily spread on clothing and equipment.


Seedlings have characteristic stalkless, long, narrow, leaves with wavy edges.

Mature plant

The mature plant is about 3 to 19 inches (7.5 - 47.5 cm) tall and has a basal rosette of leaves. Leaves range from lance shaped to somewhat egg shaped and can have smooth to wavy edges or are deeply lobed. Lower leaves have short stalks and upper leaves are stalkless.


Flowers are yellow and have five petals and cluster into compact flower heads.


The fruit is a small narrow capsule that is from 2/5 to 6/5 of an inch (1-3 cm) long.

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