Agriculture: Avocado Pest Management Guidelines

Early Fruit Development

This year-round IPM program covers the major pests of avocados in California. Details on carrying out each practice, example monitoring forms, and information on additional pests can be found in the Avocado Pest Management Guidelines. Track your progress through the year with this annual checklist form. Color photo identification pages and example monitoring forms can be found at forms and photo ID pages.

About Early fruit development

What should you be doing during this time?

Identify and manage the causes of damage to fruit.

Monitor for diseases and conditions that promote disease development.

Record the date and location of problem trees or sites. Manage if needed according to the Pest Manage-ment Guidelines.

Monitor invertebrate pests, including:

Record results on a monitoring form. Manage if needed according to the Pest Management Guidelines.

Look for other invertebrate pests such as snail, ants or orange tortrix. Manage if needed according to the Pest Management Guidelines.

Provide proper cultural care and good growing conditions to improve fruit yield and control pests. Pay particular attention to young trees and new groves.

Look for vertebrates, especially during spring and summer. Manage if needed.

Survey weeds, especially weeds near trunks, during spring through fall.

  • Record results (example weed survey form PDF).
  • Manage vegetation, especially weeds near trunks, as needed.

Manage irrigation:

  • Monitor and adjust scheduling to meet trees’ varying water needs.
Text Updated: 09/16